Daisies Watercolor Print by Sister Doris Market

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Daisies print by Sister Doris Market is in a 20" x 16" mat with a 13.5" x 10.5" opening.

Artist Statement:

Sr. Doris Market has tried her hand at many different kinds of art over the years. Her first love is 3 dimensional: clay, wood and bronze being the favorites. After retiring from active ministry she has mainly pursued painting in pastel and watercolor. She feels that the creative arts help her keep body and soul together.

In Sr. Doris' words, "I have always found inspiration and sustenance in nature, a beautiful tree, a wildflower in the middle of the desert or a flowing stream. They remind me of God's presence in creation. While painting God's beautiful creation I feel immeresed in my creator and rooted in the earth. It is a very meaningful challenge to create an image that will draw the viewer into this awesome experience.
10/30/2020 00:36:09