Love, Jesus Pocket Card

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Love, Jesus Pocket Card Bookmark
This inspiring pocket card bookmark features a poem written as if it were a letter from Jesus, reminding us of the true meaning of the season. Mailbox art and first part of poem are on front side; on back is the rest of the poem plus To and From spaces. These make great small gifts or favors for family, friends or any kind of group.

Text of poem: Besides the decorations, the presents and the tree, every year at Christmas, I hope you'll think of me. I'll know when you include me as celebrations start, and you will know it too, because you'll feel it in your heart. There'll always be distractions, yes, and plenty of, but don't forget you always will be wrapped up in My love. So think of Me at Christmas; let's share a word or two, for nothing could be better than to spend the time with you. By Alda Maria copyright Dicksons
07/15/2021 14:46:27