Snowflake Angels Pocket Card

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Snowflake Angels Pocket Card Bookmark
The beauty of snow as an example of God's care and creativity is celebrated on this pocket card bookmark with the poem "Snowflake Angels." Poem is on front and back sides; there are also To and From spaces on back. Bookmark is 2 1/2" x 3 7/8"; laminated for extra durability.

Text of poem: Snowflakes are a gift from God that float on angels' wings, delighting all who see them with the beauty that they bring. They glow with crystal brilliance that comes from God alone; then join to make a snowman with a newness all its own. And like each perfect snowflake, we too were made to be a wonderful example of God's creativity. So when you see a snowflake, all pure and glistening white, may you also be reminded you are precious in God's sight. By Robin Fogle copyright Dicksons
07/15/2021 14:46:19