Sweet Freedom Print by Sister Mary Lee Hillenbrand

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Sweet Freedom by Sister Mary Lee Hillenbrand is available in a limited edition print. Sister Mary Lee's original watercolor was enhanced with acrylics and pastels. Each print is numbered on the back of the clear sleeve. Each print is held in an 11x14" ivory mat with an 8" x 10" opening.

Artist Statement:
Creative Expression is the only way I could define the meaning of my artwork. I am most grateful for those who have encouraged me and supported me along the way of this ever mysterious and changing journey.

Early in life, my dad Leo Adam Hillenbrand, in high school Sister Joan Weinzapfel in our Academy, early in Monastic life, Sister Francesca Brogan, and of late, our Sister Mary Oliver Reising and her friend Susan Taylor were all part of my meaningful journey.

The mystery? Constantly being able to find beauty everywhere and in so many works of others, not only in paintings and sculptures but music, poetry, literature -- absorbing the souls of those who created these works, finding a piece of God there.

Changing? Constantly changing techniques so my artwork -- mostly my watercolors, some acrylic and oils -- look fresh and vibrant and the conposition spontaneous. So a free flowing and fluid style is the best way I am able to express my soul's response to what I see in God's creation, in architecture and human figures.
10/14/2020 14:50:52