The Dome Limited Edition Print by Sister Jane Becker

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The Dome by Sister Jane Becker is available in a limited edition print. Each print is numbered on the back of the clear sleeve. Each print is held in an 11x14" ivory mat with a 7.5" x 9.5" opening.

Artist Statement:
I paint scenes that strike me as so beautiful that I want to take them in more deeply somehow. I have memories from early childhood of enjoying drawing or painting—though I have gotten away from art for years at a time throughout my adult life. Each time I return to painting it touches my soul and deepens my prayer. I love the process of working with watercolors; I am never satisfied with the product. But this struggle challenges me to let go and take risks. I have taken various classes and workshops over the years. Locally, Fred Roberts and Laura Pommier were excellent teachers for me.
10/14/2020 13:41:02